Exametazine QC

Exametazine HMPAO (Ceretec) Quality Control

Materials needed:

*ITLC Solvent saturation pad
*Ethyl Acetate
Counting tubes/vials
MCA or SCA or Scaler with scintillation well


1. See General QC Procedure. Spot the sample 1 cm from the end of strip.

2. To develop the strip, place it in acetone.

3. Allow the solvent to migrate to the ink spot/line at top of the strip.

4. Remove strip from solvent.

5. Cut strip at cut line above origin.

6. Count each section of the strip.



Top: Lipophilic Tc-99m component

Bottom: Free Tc-99m, hydrolyzed reduced Tc-99m, hydrophilic Tc- 99m component

% lipophilic Tc-99m = (top counts) X 100

(bottom counts + top counts)

ceretec diagram

USP Minimum Acceptable Purities:

Ceretec 90%