October 10, 2020

Nuclear Pharmacy Job Postings


Red River Pharmacy 

Texarkana, TX

7on/7off shift

This is a night shift (roughly 630pm-7am) position with major focus on Nuclear and Long-Term Care pharmacy.  The first part of the shift would mainly be in Long-Term Care where the pharmacist would continue handling daily med orders and delivery runs.  Once the daily orders were done there would be miscellaneous roles to fill such as verifying prescriptions for the next day.  Technicians would be there to assist.  At the appropriate time they would transition to the Nuclear pharmacy and hit generators, make kits, perform qc, and draw doses.  A technician would be there to assist with qc, dose wrapping/shipping.  On top of handling Nuclear and Long-Term Care overnight, they would also be responsible for taking calls for those departments as well as for Hospice.  A variety of technicians would be working with the pharmacist, some specializing in Long-Term Care and others in Nuclear, in addition there is a 7on 7off technician that mimics the pharmacist shift.  This would be a good position for someone interested in nuclear and night shifts, but wanting other exposure as well.

This shift is 50% nuke, 40% long-term care, 10% compounding/hospice.  This position would need to be an Authorized User or at least have taken all of the nuclear coursework, we could do the hands-on training here.

Day shift

This is a day shift rotation starting between 7am-1030am and ending 3pm-630pm.  This would be a floater position that would work in all 4 areas of pharmacy that we do, Long-Term Care, Compounding/Hospice, Nuclear, and Home-Infusion.  They would eventually be in the on-call rotation which for now only consists of covering about 12 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday during the day, once every 5th weekend.  This would be a good position for someone interested in a variety of pharmacy types and likes a challenge.  This shift would around 30% compounding/hospice, 30% infusion, 30% long-term care, 10% nuke.  While it would be preferred to be an Authorized User, or at least have taken all the nuclear classwork, it wouldn’t be mandatory.


With the 4 different types of pharmacies we run 5 different types of software, and each department has different patient populations, medications, and protocols. The applicant would need to be a fast learner and able to adapt to different departments.

Contact Clay Morris at claymorris@redriverrx.com 

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