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The following resources may be helpful to your practice. 

Nuclear Games New!  Just for Fun!

Radiopharmaceutical List and Package Inserts

University of New Mexico Continuing Education for Nuclear Pharmacists

Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Guidelines

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Guidelines

Nuclear Pharmacy Job

Selected Bibliography on Nuclear Pharmacy

List of Drug Interactions with Radiopharmaceuticals

Quality Control Procedures

Breastfeeding Guidelines Following Radiopharmaceutical Administration

Pediatric Dose Chart

Tc-99m Decay Factors

Isotope Decay Factor Chart

Internal Dosimetry Radiopharmaceutical Dose Estimates

Guidance for Industry: Internal Radioactive Contamination - Development of Decorporation Agents (new)

Information about PET for Family Practice referring physicians

Information about Guidelines

USP <797> Revisions Announced

List of New Radiopharmaceuticals Under Investigation - under revision

Regulatory Review - under revision

Disclaimer:  The information does not constitute medical advice.  Although it is intended to be of assistance it may not represent the most current information available.