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Nuclear Reactor Update
AdreView Approved
Hepatobiliary CE
Generic Sestamibi
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 Large Hadron Collider

Large Hadron Collider
September 10th the first beams were circulated through the new world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator.  However, the collider will be down until next spring following technical problems within the first two days of operation. The collider is contained in a circular tunnel with a 17 mile circumference crossing the border between Switzerland and France.  To learn more about this exciting experimental facility see Wikipedia and view a great rap video on YouTube!
Case Study

 Glove Effect
A 61 year old man was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  A bone scan was ordered continued...
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Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

Murphy's Law has been in effect lately with the world's supply of molybdenum from nuclear reactors.  The Nordion reactor in Canada (one of the few up and running) was hit by lightening and had to be shut down early compounding the shortage problem.  Hopefully , we will have an increased supply by next week so that we can celebrate Nuclear Medicine Week!
Nuclear Reactor Update
Nuclear Reactor ShutdownThe world's supply of molybdenum is fluctuating from week to week depending on reactor production.  Typically, reactors run for about 3.5 weeks before a scheduled maintenance period which may run 3-4 days to a couple of weeks.  When reactors are down and maintenance periods overlap, the Mo-99 supply is affected.  The HFR reactor is anticipated to be down through November, but the BR2 reactor should be back in service about Oct. 21.  Covidien will be posing an update to the situation in the next couple of days.  Check their website for updates.  You can also get additional informaton about the reactor update from the NRG website.
FDA Approves AdreView
GE Healthcare received FDA approval for I-123 Iobenquane (AdreView, I-123 MIBG) for neuroendocrine tumor imaging. GE received orphan-drug status to develop this agent in 2004.  I-123 MIBG is also used in investigational studies as a diagnostic tool to assess cardiac sympathetic innervation.
Hepatobiliary CE - Free

A free CE on-demand webcourse titled Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy in Gall Bladder Disease is available from  This is an excellent program sponsored by Bracco Diagnostics that you will find very informative.

Generic Sestamibi Available
Nuclear Cardiology Covidien is first to the market with generic sestamibi.  FDA approval was received on Sept. 23rd.  (If we only have the technetium to make it!)
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