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APhA Annual Meeting Dates
Nuclear Pharmacy Awards

Nuclear Pharmacy SIG Coordinators

APhA-APPM Academy President:  Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP, FAPhA  NLHilliard@uams.edu

Applications for Coordinator-elect:  http://fs10.formsite.com/APhA-APPM/form80/index.html

APhA Annual Meeting Dates:

APhA2010 Washington, DC March 12-15, 2010
APhA2011 Seattle, WA March 25-28, 2011
APhA2012 New Orleans, LA March 9-12, 2012
APhA2013 Los Angeles, CA March 1-4, 2013
APhA2014 Orlando, FL March 28-31, 2014
APhA2015 San Diego, CA March 27-30,2015
APhA2016 Baltimore, MD March 4-7, 2016


Nuclear Pharmacy Fellows Elected by the APhA-APPM

Sam Augustine
William Baker
         Michelle Beauvais          
Robert Beightol
Ken Breslow
Ronald Callahan
Ken Cheng
Clyde Cole
James Cooper
Steven Dragotakes
Rich Fejka          
Richard Hammes
Nicki Hilliard
George Hinkle
William Hladik III
Joe Hung
Rodney Ice
Richard Kowalsky
David Laven
Elaine Levine
Geoffrey Levine
Vivian Loveless
Michael Mosley         
Brigette Nelson        
Richard Nickel        
Jeff Norenberg
Neil Petry
James Ponto
Laura Boles Ponto
Tim Quinton
Sally Schwarz        
Katherine Seifert
Stanley Shaw
Dennis Swanson
Duann Vanderslice
Kara Duncan Weatherman
Kristina Wittstrom

Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award

William Briner, 1995
Stanley Shaw, 2000
James Ponto, 2003
George Hinkle, 2008
Sam Augustine 2009


William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy

James A. Ponto   1997
Stanley M. Shaw  1998
William B. Hladik  1999
Richard Kowalsky  2000
Dennis Swanson   2001
Sam Augustine  2002
David Laven 2003
Rodney Ice 2004
Clyde Cole 2005
Jim Cooper 2006
Joseph Hung 2007
Nicki Hilliard 2008         
Neil Petry 2009
George Hinkle 2010
Kristina Wittstrom 2011
Vivian Loveless 2012
Robert Beightol 2013
Jeffrey Norenberg 2014

APhA Merit Award

David Laven, 1990
George H. Hinkle 1994
Mark Rotman 1994
Nicki L. Hilliard 1998
R.K. Leedham 2002
Ken Cheng 2003
Jim Cooper 2003
Joseph C. Hung 2004
Richard Hammes 2005
Fred Gattas 2007